SPARK asked the Philippines, ‘what happens when a girl/woman flaps her wings?’. See the brilliant answers below:


Daryll Arboleda: If we give girls the right to education, to be healthy and to exercise their rights, they will be a great asset in their community and in their country as a whole. They will be productive workers since they are well trained in their particular fields. They will not be easily used because they know their rights. They also tend to be good law abiding citizens for they know the consequences of their actions. In addition, girls who are healthy tend to be content. They are able to accomplish their work satisfactorily and able to allot time for recreation.

On the other hand, the things stated above are just positive consequences if we get to provide their needs. What we need then are concerned people who are willing to educate their fellowmen about what they can do, given the resources that they have. Imparting knowledge particularly to those who do not have access to quality education is a good start to eradicate ignorance. For sure, knowledge is not enough. The government certainly should provide quality education that is accessible to every Filipino which should never be limited to those who could pay. Vocational courses must also be given free for people who have not attended school. Soon, they will be dynamic and self-sufficient. And when that happens, crimes will be lessened. As a result, girls will live in a safe community and given the education that they have, they will become effective leaders in the future, who do not solely think for themselves but for their people.
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Si damos a las niñas el derecho a la educación, para estar sano y para ejercer sus derechos, serán un gran activo en su comunidad y en su país en general. Ellos serán productivos, ya que están bien capacitados en sus respectivas especialidades. Además, no van a ser utilizados debido a que conozcan sus derechos. También tienden a ser respetuosos de la ley como saben las consecuencias de sus acciones. Por otra parte, las niñas que son saludables tienden a ser felices. Son capaces de realizar su trabajo de forma satisfactoria y tienen tiempo para la recreación.
Por otro lado, las cosas mencionadas anteriormente son sólo consecuencias positivas si llegamos a proporcionar a sus necesidades. Lo que necesitamos entonces son las personas interesadas y que están dispuestos a educar a sus semejantes acerca de lo que pueden hacer, teniendo en cuenta los recursos que tienen. Impartir conocimiento a la gente sobre todo a aquellos que no tienen acceso a una educación de calidad es un buen comienzo para erradicar la ignorancia. Por supuesto, el conocimiento no es suficiente. El gobierno, sin duda debe proporcionar una educación de calidad que sea accesible a todos los filipinos. Y nunca debe ser limitado a aquellos que podían pagar. Formación profesional debe darse también para las personas que no han asistido a la escuela para adquirir nuevas habilidades. Pronto, van a ser productivos y autosuficientes. Y cuando esto sucede, se pueden disminuir los delitos. Como resultado, las niñas van a vivir en una comunidad segura y dada la educación que tienen, van a convertirse en líderes eficaces en el futuro que no piensan solamente para sí mismo, sino para su gente.


Irah Diao – WHEN A GIRL FLAPS HER WINGS, she changes everything.

She becomes someone who made a mark.
she becomes someone who is a role model to many.
she becomes someone who leads other girls to FLAP THEIR WINGS TOO.
i took this photo months ag10408742_790286771014138_7734558398346113845_no, i see a strong woman who was trained to flap her wings when she was still a girl in a way she would be strong and independent in the future. well, she is one now. i still kept this photo as a constant reminder that what we have trained and what we are training our girls today has and is a big influence for them in the future, and nevertheless, they would be ready to face the challenges as girls and WOMEN of the future. –









Angelah Polot, Bohol – Freedom we attained at last.

It is the best thing that everyone can see across the world, the Girls, with wisdom and grace amidst wilderness. Our life flows as a drop of free water contaminated with passion, love, inspiration, purpose and dignity. We stand for a reason and have what it takes to dream every kind of dream that dance in our imagination. We hold fast our vision to the world, reliving those doom times when girls are stuck to end the cycle of violence, move beyond awareness-raising and to shape the present and the future. Girls have been randomly subjects to violence, brutality and discrimination in various ways unbearable of its age or race. We have more likely to live in poverty, to be denied in the access of education, health, and politics. Yet those days have passed gently; we have attained our rights to live free from fear and harm, freedom to be educated, stand amidst discrimination, right to a standard living, and equality for all. Yes little girls have dreams too, yet if they’re caged and victimized and fall short from justice those dreams would be drowned and shattered. The horrors of their past would destroy their goals and so we must take a stand for them and for all. We can still be in full bloom; we can be great leaders, poets, writer, good teachers, influential icon, and who we do want to be.
It is the most majestic and glorious scenery that the world could ever capture – when a girl takes risk and flaps her wings ready to be respected, to make decisions, to express with enthusiasm, to be effective leaders, to be heard, to uplift spirits and to held the dreams high, claiming “just because I am a girl, I can do it all”. That’s how you’ll ensure that you can be anything you imagine and that your warm, angelic voice can be heard in the whole archipelago taking the knowledge to change the world. Confidence and determination says it all. We are borderless, we need no exceptions. Thus, we have the right to conquer the world and those shattered books & senseless pen will be our most powerful weapons. Through our enviable traits, we can turn disaster to a trail of brightly spots, lift up inspiration in the air, take action, touch the lives of others and see the difference we have made. We can be brought out in full view for the world to see and for the universe to laud that for a girl with vision nothing is impossible.


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