Read Young Leader, Mona Cabrales Timosa of the University of San Jose Recoletos, talk about how the Girl Rising Caravan changed her schoolmates and her. – ED

Having watched the Girl Rising Film already made me think that for sure I’ll get bored during the screening in our school, University of San Jose-Recoletos on July 10, 2014 but I was wrong. It got me goose bumps and as usual broke my heart again. It felt watching for the first time.

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Spark Project Officer, Hans Kevin Madanguit, introduces the film

In the university, most of the enrolled students this semester are females and surprisingly, at the very least there were a lot of males who joined the activity. Then as we watched the film, sudden reactions filled the room a lot of times and everyone wore shocked faces until the end. These students were ignorant of what is really happening to other girls in the world trapped with their countries’ norms and traditions. With this, we are very thankful for Spark! Philippines Incorporated for bringing the caravan because it had opened the minds of Josenians. They were now braver and felt very privileged and thankful of their current status and of the education they are having because of Girl Rising.

As I collected the reactions from those who watched the film four days after, it all summed up into a resolution of becoming grateful and socially-aware of global issues regarding women in order to liberate Filipinos specially the youth and do something about it. Four reactions from the audience caught my attention and really had proven that Girl Rising changed them.

Young Women Advocates in Cebu
Young Women Advocates in Cebu


“The concept is timely and universal. Everyone, regardless of the race, should watch and learn from it.” – Mitsuko Cabillada

“It is nice to know that we were privileged enough to see the video. I feel so blessed despite the hardships of the Filipinos because at least it is not that bad compared to those countries featured in the video. I felt so guilty too for all the complains I’ve said about how tiring it is to study while in fact there are a lot who wished and strived so hard just to be educated.”

– Isabel Oamilda


“Honestly, it was my first time to know about all of those things which really gave me rage because of how unfair the world is yet that is part of the reality we are in. I did not know that all those things are happening today which I consider so inappropriate but the film showed hope through the different characters who were trying to change history. There is hope and ofcourse, we ourselves is the change. So I will strive harder in my studies then become a professional and at the same time an advocate for women and no matter what, I’ll trying saving just even one girl because they need me. ”
-Jemaica Bibera

“Male or female, we are still humans. We should respect and treat everyone regardless of orientation, culture or religion one has because discrimination and what not does not do you any good and just a waste of time. Treat all women like men treat men.”
-Renato Alondres III

“Nakahilak kos film kay murag na guilty ko sa mga batang babae nga ganahan sila mu skwela ja ag ako nag tinonto . Na inspire kos bata sa haiti. Kay bisag wa siyay money pambayad sa skwela, ningkamot lang siya para makat.on (I cried during the film because it made me guilty because of all the young girls who wanted to study yet I am being careless of mine. I was inspired by the kid from Haiti because even though she does not have money for school still she pursued to learn).
– Nicole Amper

Students watch and reflect.
Students watch and reflect.
photo 4 (1)
Freeman Editor, Joeberth Ocao, speaks about equality and human rights.

Collecting fifty-one reactions through giving notepads to those whom I know watched the film was worth it. As I read it one by one, made me inspired and really did gave me a sense of satisfaction at the same time made me realize that everyone cares and are ready to help and take action. I felt so light after reading all these and shed a bit of tears of joy thinking that indeed it is neither a documentary nor a film…. I saw the change before and now I already see how change happens and it starts with small things such this.

During the program:

The event started with a welcome by the Supreme Student Council President of the school, Carlo Dagohoy and pointed out the importance of women in the world through his humour that made everyone cracked into laughter while on the other hand, students were inspired as well because of the message from Ms. Jenny Lind Elmaco which was clearly delivered by Mr. Joeberth Ocao(editor of Freeman) in her behalf. After the project manager, Mr. Hans Kevin Madanguit gave the introduction of the film then the awaited part of the activity started the film viewing.

After watching the film, the representatives of Spark!Phils. Inc., Mr. Ocao and Dr. Glenn G. Pajares, the dean of College of Arts and Sciences started the forum by expressing their notions about the documentary followed by the interactions from the audience. Students gave their questions and shared whose story from the nine girls captured their hearts.


Inspired smiles from the audience
Inspired smiles from the audience

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SPARK or Samahan ng mga Pilipina para sa Reporma at Kaunlaran is a SEC-registered non-profit organization composed of empowered women and women champions committed to the development of women and women’s organizations as full partners in national development.

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