Connecting Communities


The Apl.d. Ap Foundation and Spark Philippines are both committed to the development of Filipinos by creating programs that aim to inspire, build competencies and empower citizens so they may become  full partners in national development.

Connecting Communities through the Creative Arts is an approach in achieving this goal through the use of the creative arts, theater and music as methodologies to provide psychosocial support, social inclusion, conflict transformation and resiliency especially in areas affected by disasters and conflict. Art is a universal language that transcends language barriers and cultural differences. Using  the creative arts as a way of communicating allows the work to become a springboard to begin conversations using images; to express feelings and thoughts, ideas and goals. It becomes a non-invasive and supportive way to work through issues and concerns.

In this connection, we will be conducting the Connecting Communities through the Creative Arts – Training for Educators (Skills Enhancement Project) which hopes to increase the knowledge and skills of educators/local teachers in community reconciliation and psychosocial healing through the creative arts. The competence-building initiative aims to equip educators and support children and youth in recovering from trauma. The program includes a Training of Facilitators from June 17-19 and a Creative Arts Session on June 20.

Should you have any questions, please contact Kate Alyzon Ramil, the Project Coordinator at or mobile 09479959331.

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